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Yay! I made it. It’s done. I have successfully defended my PhD thesis with minor corrections, supervised by Dr Prabhu Radhakrishna and examined by Emeritus Professor John Watson from the University of Aberdeen UK.

Looking back, I must say that the PhD experience has been an amazing one with both ups and downs. I am glad it was a happy end.

Moving on from the academia, I am ready for a new challenge. Most times when I talk to people, they often ask, “What’s next?” I tell them that I have ruled out a “traditional post-doc” or “the tenure track route”, and that I’m not married to the academic ivory tower, I’m married to my wife, and so if the timing doesn’t work out for independent research fellow position, I’m jumping out. Well, as things turned out, yes, I’m jumping out, and I’m looking forward to this new journey!

I’m very passionate about machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence. Scientists are artists in some senses, computational scientists particularly, and I think I’m ready for a new challenge.

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